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In our Research Department, we assume the role of a research analyst, and our training aims to create better insights and reports that avoid the market's noise and analysis the most diverse inputs of the global economy. 

Our analysts work on company valuation by comparing financial and debt ratios, analyzing sector performance and searching growth potential.

All out content is free for industry professionals, students and other people, and all rights are reserved to ITIC trademarkWe use Bloomberg Professional Data and all our graphics and statistics are created in our own analyst's spreadsheets. 

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Rodrigo Gouveia


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Financial Newsletter


Our Financial Newsletter takes a glance at the economic and political situation and reports the correspondent Equity, Debt, and Forex Markets performance. 

We provide a deep fundamental and technical analysis throughout the evolution of the most important financial markets and correlate external events into market performance.

Equity Research


Our analysts create monthly Equity Reports where they fully analyze a given company.

Our reports' structure follows the industry standards and the CFA Institute model.


Economic Outlook

Contas em dólar

Economic Outlooks are articles created by our Macroeconomic Research specialists which focus on developing a particularly economic subject in order to find solutions for a more efficient market structure or to contribute to academic research in economic growth and green economy areas.


Industry Outlook


Our Industry Reports consists of immersive deep analysis on the economic, financial, and management development of a specific industry. In our reports, we take a glance at a diversity of insights like the labor market, inflation, and other economic indicators that affect the industry´s clients and suppliers, market structure, and the financial performance of its members.



This project aims to deliver the news that marked the month not only in Portugal but also in the World. Additionally, the Wild Card chapter introduces and deepens a hot topic.

Blockchain Report


Blockchain in 2021 is transitioning from a speculative risk asset to a global digital store-of-value, in our view. For that, these reports aim to do an analysis of the market and present you interesting projects that shape our lives. 

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