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Our Alumni

Over the course of its evolving journey, ITIC has been able to gather a distinguished Alumni network comprising more than 100 accomplished members. The club honours its esteemed Alumni and promotes engaging activities to pass down valuable knowledge to the club's newest generations, contributing to the club's legacy.

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Alumni Recognitions

ITIC is proud to showcase the exemplary trajectory of our accomplished Alumni, illuminating their array of awards, distinguished academic honors, and multifaceted triumphs. This platform stands as a testament to the enduring prowess of our graduates, underscoring their enduring contributions to the realm of finance and beyond.

Mentorship Programmes

At the club, we convey a culture of excellence through Alumni Mentorship Programmes. These initiatives pair current active members with seasoned Alumni members already positioned in the industry. Implemented in 2023, these programmes aim to synergetically nurture the next generation of astute financial professionals.

Alumni Testimonials


Gonçalo Ormonde

Networking is one of the great benefits of this club, as it will lead you to major job opportunities, not only in finance but also in economics, management, and other areas.

Here you will also be in contact with several tools that will maximize your appetite for the market, for personal or professional use.

My last recommendation is: when you have the opportunity to join ITIC, don't think twice, just apply.

Filipa Lima.JPG

Filipa Lima

Joining ITIC was one, if not the best experience I had during my time at ISCTE Business School.

It was a time of growth as a professional and as a person, because it forces you to deal with different situations that are more likely to happen in a real work environment.


João Matos

My journey within the club spanned 3 years, during which I engaged across various departments [...].

Engaging in Research was pivotal in honing my writing skills and mastering the art of sourcing and summarizing critical information. AM exposed me to insights beyond the scope of my coursework. In HR, I fostered social and managerial competencies, evolving into a better leader. As VP, I spearheaded remarkable projects.

In summary, ITIC offers any engaged member a unique experience to learn, connect, and expand their network


Ana Tostão

Being at ITIC was a very enriching experience since it allowed me to further develop my critical thinking, refine economic and financial concepts learnt in class and challenge myself to be better every day.

Moreover, it also contributed to strengthening other skills, such as time management, teamwork and communication, which are quite relevant in the labour market.

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