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Iscte Trading & Investment Club

Who we Are

ITIC - ISCTE Trading & Investment Club is a non-profit student organization of ISCTE Business School, who promotes training and research in Finance and Investments. The club intends to train the best professionals in the industry and promoting our analysts by their commitment to producing useful and truthful information and analysis based on excellence.

Also, ITIC members are part of the elite students of IBS who are specialized in Equity Research, Macroeconomics Research, Market Research, Risk Analysis, and Asset Management.

Our Lastest Articles


João Matos

ESG Investing, o futuro do mercado de ações

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Diogo Reis

A ameaça dos BRICS à hegemonia do dólar

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Gates Wang

IA na educação: um caminho para a produtividade

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Industry Outlook

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Apparel Industry

Financial Newsletter

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March 2022


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Equity Report

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